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Membership Roster

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Our Membership

Here is a list (though not complete) of VirtuaLUG members and the approximate locations. These contacts should be used for the public to contact our individual members should they be interested in having a VirtuaLUG member come to speak about the LUG or anything LEGO related. You can also find links to our members' photo galleries as well as a little bit of information about them.

VirtuaLUG Members

Name: Dave Sterling   Name: Stacy Sterling
Screen Name(s): Davey, ToT-LUG, Treetop_Flyer   Screen Name(s): Stacy_ToT-LUG
Age: 34   Age: 34
Location: Wisconsin   Location: Wisconsin
Contact Information: E-Mail   Contact Information: E-Mail
Website/Galleries: Flickr
  Website/Galleries: Flickr
Favorite LEGO Theme: Town/Train, Classic Space, and Monster Fighters   Favorite LEGO Theme: Harry Potter, Monster Fighters, and Adventurers
About Me: I'm 34 years old and currently reside in Seattle, WA. I've been married to Stacy (12 years now) and we've both been LEGO fans all our lives. Starting in 2003 (I think) we really got back into building and became more actively involved with the Adult Fan of LEGO (AFoL) Community. In the summer of 2008, we attended our first LEGO convention (Brickworld 2008) and took our layout to two different shows. Since then, we continue to expand our layout and have made it to a a number of different shows and conventions. In 2012, we did our first workshop for kids at our local library and had a great time! My interests are mainly Trains, Town, and Classic Space though I dabble in just about every theme just to keep things interesting. My current interest is Steampunk and I am really enjoying the new Monster Fighters line.

Outside of the LEGO hobby, I enjoy flying my 1957 Piper TriPacer, playing boardgames and videogames, and dabbling in the Steampunk community. I travel the world for my job in the aerospace industry meeting many interesting people and seeing many interesting places along the way.
  About Me: For the past 6 years I've considered myself an AFOL and have truly enjoyed the friendships and the creativity I have found in this community. Building allows me a form of creative expression that I have not found with any other medium.

Name: Giovanni Seynhaeve   Name: Bart Larrow
Screen Name(s): Gio   Screen Name(s): ElBarto!
Age: 38   Age: 43
Location: Belgium, of all places.   Location: Vermont
Contact Information: E-Mail   Contact Information: E-Mail
Website/Galleries: MOCPages   Website/Galleries: MOCPages
Favorite LEGO Theme: Everything not involving Bionicle!   Favorite LEGO Theme: Space and Star Wars
About Me: Born in the 76th year of last century, raised in the middle of nowhere called Izegem.   I’m cuckoo bird, I lay my eggs in different nests. Some know me from bands called Murdock and Bantha Poodoo, in which I play rhythm guitar. Some have heard my solo project, by the obvious name of “Gio”. I write lyrics for all three musical hobbies but also tend to make up short stories, plays, columns and poetry mostly with a particular preference for paradoxal events in my life. I love to spend my holidays in other people’s heads. I have been acting for the last twelve years in several  amateur  theater groups, strangely typecast for neurotic, disturbed roles. I’ve been a fan of the Danish brick ever since Santa brought me my first box and it hasn’t stopped. I’m unfamiliar with the term “dark ages”, though that doesn’t reflect in my Lego collection. I have a rather small collection compared to most members around here. I tend to compensate that fact with inspired, creative, funny and playable creations. Found my spot at MOCpages surrounded by heartwarming fellow AFOL’s and great virtual likeminded friends here on VirtuaLUG.   About Me: I've been a Lego fan since the mid 1970's, collecting Classic Space and Technic sets.  I don't think a year went by that I didn't get at   least one set.  Then the Star Wars theme started, and I really got back into collecting.  When the Reimagined BSG started, my focus promptly changed, and I started designing my own ships again.  I began to research online for any Lego Battlestars, and didn't find anything quite like the ship I had in mind.  That's when I discovered MocPages, and as soon as I finished my SHIP, that's where I had to post it!  I started my Next Chapter Series later that year, and not long after, Bones invited me to the group. Beyond Lego, I'm a dentist in Vermont, one son, also a Lego fan, and a wife who's a fan of us going to the basement, giving her hours of peace and quiet!

Name: Dave Kaleta   Name: Hans Dendauw
Screen Name(s): davekaleta   Screen Name(s): Tigmon74
Age: 37   Age: 40
Location: Chicago, IL   Location: Rogue River, OR
Contact Information: E-Mail   Contact Information: E-Mail
Website/Galleries: Flickr
  Website/Galleries: Flickr
Favorite LEGO Theme: Agents   Favorite LEGO Theme: Star Wars and Superheroes
About Me: Kindergarten teacher by day, vigilante/Lego builder by night. My collection has been growing from the age of five when my favorite theme was Fabuland. My Lego building as a child led me to study architecture in college before I succumbed to the field of education. I teach at the same school I attended for 12 years, and we use Lego regularly in the classroom. I have a Lego studio a few miles from my house where I keep all the bricks, and also give private lessons to students. My largest project was the Batcave and Wayne Manor which took five years to complete. My most notable achievement was having my Lego Dissected Frog included in a design exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.   About Me: Born in 1974, I am a Capricorn that enjoys long walks, sunsets and warm blankets, fresh from the dryer. I've been in the culinary field for over 20 years and no, I won't cater your wedding or nephew's 6th birthday party. While LEGO has always been in my life, I did not become a serious collector until the launch of the Star Wars line. In Late 2009 I discovered the vast, online LEGO community through MOCPages and am happy to declare that I am, indeed, a LEGO-maniac.

Name: Heath Flor   Name: Tyler Halliwell
Screen Name(s): Heath 'kik36' Flor, kik36   Screen Name(s): Hyler Talliwell, The Deathly Halliwell, Tyler Halliwell
Age: 37   Age: 19
Location: Prescott Valley, AZ   Location: Lafayette, IN
Contact Information: E-Mail   Contact Information: E-Mail
Website/Galleries: Flickr
  Website/Galleries: Flickr
Favorite LEGO Theme: Superheroes, Monster Fighters, and Creator   Favorite LEGO Theme: Castle, Lord of the Rings, Superheroes, Star Wars, and Exo-Force
About Me: I'm a 35 year old LEGO maniac who has only just begun!  Not having much LEGO growing up, I recently picked up the hobby in '09 as a safe alternative to plastic modeling.  I have 2 beautiful twin daughters and 2 handsome step-sons.  All 4 are proper brats.  I've been in the aviation industry for 17 years with my primary focus on Avionics, and I also review video games on the side.  I like to describe myself as an avionics guru, video game reviewer, LEGO builder, and a loving Father.

My knack in LEGO seems to be architecture, though I like to dabble in just about anything.  I'm not afraid to build something silly and outrgeous, and have a great time building with my friends.  I also like to collect whisk(e)y, and have amassed a collection of 40 unique and rare whiskeys from around the world.  My dream is to spend a lengthy amount of time in Ireland and Scotland....something my wife and I plan on doing next year.
  About Me: I am a 17 year old Lego fan who is now on the cusp of AFOL-dom. As the youngest member of the crew, I am here to keep the crew hip and cool. Okay, not so much. I have been a Lego fan all of my life, and found the online side of the hobby in late 09. Since then, I somehow fell in with this crew and have become good friends with the bunch. I tend to build castle/fantasy related creations, but I have/will attempt many different themes and styles. On a non-Lego related note, I am a triplet and am 6'8", my main defining feature. So if you are looking for me in a crowd, it shouldn't be too hard.

Name: Mark Kelso   Name: Dennis Price
Screen Name(s): Kelso   Screen Name(s): Deathdog
Age: A skosh older than dirt...   Age: A Skosh older than Kelso
Location: Bargersville, IN   Location: Salem, IN
Contact Information: E-Mail   Contact Information: E-Mail
Website/Galleries: Flickr
  Website/Galleries: Flickr
Glomshire Knights
Favorite LEGO Theme: Sci-Fi (Star Wars, BSG, and Halo in particular), Lord of the Rings   Favorite LEGO Theme: Castle, Pirates, Space, and Superheroes
About Me: Born in 1967, I've lived my life in the Indianapolis, IN area.  I've studied intensively in dance, theater, martial arts, voice, and baton twirling, in which I have over 700 awards, including some 40 world championship titles.  I've worked as a professional artist for two decades now, and have been happily married to my wife, Ruth, for nearly 15 years.  2007 saw my return to Lego as an AFOL, and my main subjects of interest in the hobby are primarily sci-fy and fantasy.  I particularly enjoy story-telling, building landscapes, and most of all, large microscale ships.   About Me: I was born in Michigan, but am a Hoosier by the grace (or accident) of God. Raised in the northeast of the Indiana, I moved to the southern part of the state more than 20 years ago. Never had Lego as a kid, but took up the hobby after trying to learn how to make stop motion films. Developed a webcomic, Glomshire Knights, that is closing in on its fourth anniversary online -- read it, it's ridonkulous!

Name: Lee Jones   Name: Paris
Screen Name(s): doc069   Screen Name(s): Parrington
Age: 44   Age: 39 - arghhh so old!
Location: Hinton, AB, Canada   Location: Down Under, but my heart is in Greece! (I bloody love Australia btw)
Contact Information: E-Mail   Contact Information: E-Mail
Website/Galleries: MOCPages   Website/Galleries: Coming Soon!
Favorite LEGO Theme: Star Wars, Lord of the Rings   Favorite LEGO Theme: Classic Space!
About Me: Those that I care about already know me. Others - can wait their turn to share a beer.   About Me: I'm boring. But I love Lego and War Hammer and drawing and writing.
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